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Sea-Island Cotton; Egyptian Cotton; Long-Staple Cotton

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Flowering time; It will bloom regularly

Distribution; GC

Habitat; Cultivated and naturalized


Notes; Known to be the finest cotton because of it's long staples of 1"1/2 and more or fibers. The name Pima was applied in honor of the Pima Indians who helped raise the cotton on USDA experimental farms in Arizona in the early 1900s.[1] The first clear sign of domestication of this cotton species comes from Ancon, a site on the Peruvian coast where cotton bolls dating to 4200 BC were found. By 1000 BC Peruvian cotton bolls were indistinguishable from modern cultivars of G. barbadense. Cotton growing became widespread in South America and spread to the West Indies where Christopher Columbus came across it. Cotton became a commercial slave plantation crop in the West Indies so that by the 1650’s Barbados had become the first British West Indian colony to export cotton. For more information please visit this site

The seed is smooth, the cotton is easy to remove from this seed

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