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Based on: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Schoepfia schreberi / Schoepfia; Graytwig
Ximenia americana / Hog Plum

Chionanthus caymanensis / Ironwood LC, CB Endemic
Chionanthus caymanensis / Ironwood GC Endemic
Forestiera segregata / Florida Privet
Jasminum fluminense / Star of Bethlehem; Wild Jasmine
Jasminum sambac / Arabian Jasmine

Ludwigia affinis / Water Primrose
Ludwigia erecta / Yerba de Jicotea
Ludwigia octovalvis / Mexican Primrosewillow, Many-seed

Acianthera caymanensis Syn. Pleurothallis caymanensis Endemic GC
Beloglottis costaricensis Syn. Spiranthes costaricensis GC
Bletia florida GC
Brassavola nodosa GC
Centrogenium setaceum changed to Eltroplectris calcarata
Cyclopogon cranichoides Syn. Spiranthes cranichoides GC
Cyclopogon elatus Syn. Spiranthes elatusGC
Cyrtopodium punctatumGC
Dendrophylax fawcettii / Ghost Orchid Endemic GC
Dendrophylax porrectus syn. Harrisella porrecta GC
Eltroplectris calcarata Syn. Centrogenium setaceum GC
Eulophia maculata Syn. Oeceoclades maculata​​​​​​​ GC, CB
Encyclia kingsii Endemic LC
Encyclia phoenicea Syn. Epidendrum phoeniceum / Chocolate Orchid CB LC
Epidendrum nocturnum GC
Epidendrum rigidum GC LC (See Herbarium about LC record and Proctor's notes)
Ionopsis utricliuoides GC
Myrmecophila thomsoniana var. minor /Wild Banana Orchid Endemic CB LC
Myrmecophila thomsoniana / Wild Banana Orchid Endemic GC
Oeceoclades maculata Changed to Eulophia maculata GC, CB
Pleurothallis caymanensis Changed to  Acianthera caymanensis Endemic GC
Polystachya concreta LC
Prescottia oligantha GC
Prosthechea boothiana Syn. Encyclia boothiana / Dollar orchid GC
Prosthechea cochleata Syn. Encyclia cochleata CB
Sacoila lanceolata Syn. Stenorrhyncos squamulosus syn Spiranthes lanceolata GC
Tolumnia calochila GC
Tolumnia variegata Syn.T. caymanense Syn.Oncidium caymanense GC
Triphora gentianoides GC
Tropidia polystachya (Sterile specimen only) GC
Vanilla claviculata GC

Oxalis corniculata

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